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It feels great to be back to blogging! I was a blogger a few years back and found that it was a great way to be connected to the writing world. A few things changed since I last was on WordPress…I’ve moved three times, got married, bought a house, and adopted a dog! There’s a lot to catch up on.

But this is a celebration of sorts. As a writer, it’s important to be out there – to have a platform. I have coached clients of mine on this. And, I had taken a step back from it. For many reasons, and it took me a long time to get back to it. I will have a whole blog post on that later – but I was having a bit of an identity crisis I think – even in the category that I was writing in! I have gone from YA to middle grade and back to creative nonfiction.

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Writing Creative Nonfiction

For the past year, I have taught creative nonfiction writing workshops at our local writer’s center. I have met handfuls of incredible writers and have been shocked, stunned, and inspired by their stories. Through all of these classes, meeting all these people, and reading all of the outside essays and memoir excerpts that I assign – I have come back to nonfiction.


For a long time, I wrote fiction. It seemed the path of least resistance and frankly it was a lot of fun. I had just finished my MFA program and felt like taking a new route on an old story and decided to see how fiction would play out.

And it did well – and by that I mean it kept me writing. It got me ingrained in the Twitter writing world, Wattpad, and the beloved writing conference. I will go back to writing fiction, but the allure of creative nonfiction has been knocking at my door for at least over a year now if not more.

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